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We believe multiculturalism holds an awesome and important power for driving digital audience growth

Mundial Media is powered by a multicultural team that has scaled companies in the emerging audiences vertical. The team’s ethos is one of authenticity and rooted in uplifting the new mainstream

Mundial is backed by the power of first‑party data and a new mainstream audience of 30M consumers

Focus on the market’s growth segments - Hispanic, Black, AAPI, & LGBTQ+

Data‑driven platform provides brands with scaled reach to emerging audiences across the digital landscape

Technology first company leveraging the power of AI

Why Brands Need Contextual Advertising

Contextual targeting drives higher consumer attention and time-in-view 
Contextually relevant ads raise brand favorability and consumer purchase intent
In-context ads generate higher brand recall and awareness among consumers

In-Context Performance Lift

Increase in the time consumers spent with in‑context vs. out‑of‑ context ads
Increase in consumer purchase intent after seeing an in‑context vs. out‑of‑context ad
Increase in consumer favorability toward brand after seeing an in‑context vs. out‑of‑context ad
* Source: IAS Ad Context & Attention Study, May 2022

Contextual Advertising Engine

Natural Language Processing

Understand textual data by identifying contextually relevant segments and overall sentiment via AI

Computer Vision

Identify brand logos and objects to build valuable image metadata that augments text data

Machine Learning

Algorithmic solution builds a model utilizing a training data set to predict new outcomes not explicitly programmed for

Multiculturalism is Our Edge

Multicultural publishing partners
Countries represented

Publisher Solutions

The only multicultural platform publishers can rely on to measure and optimize their supply

Our platform allows content creators to focus on their core expertise of creating content and building an audience
Yield Optimization
Contextual Lift
Real-time Analytics
Supply Management

Brand & Advertiser Solutions

Innovative Ad Experiences

Our bleeding edge ad solutions offer high‑impact and turnkey formats that align with your brand's goal

Branded Creatives & Custom Content

Custom sponsored editorial, content hubs, and takeovers across our exclusive publisher partners

Research Insights

Leverage contextual technology to gain a deeper understanding of brand alignment across multicultural audiences

Over the last 2 years, we've partnered with industry-leaders, scrappy startups, and in-betweeners.

We love a good story

And we love being part of creating them. Every member of our crew is a storyteller at heart and cares about digging up and telling the stories that matter most in the world today.